VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Heel Chop to Feature in FIFA 18 After 360 Degree Motion Capture Session

​Modern technology is allowing video games to become more vivid than ever before.

FIFA 17 was praised for its realism, but it looks as though its successor is upping the stakes to provide gamers with a greater, more immersive experience. 


Motion capture has been used in video games, television and movies before and now Cristiano Ronaldo has gotten in on the act, being filmed in a 360 degree video clip for the upcoming football simulation.

The Real Madrid forward recreated his famous heel chop skill, so when we’re all using the trademark move while playing with the Portugal international in FIFA 18 it will feel as real as seeing it live.

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​​Ronaldo has replaced Borussia Dortmund man Marco Reus as the cover star of EA Sports’ prominent yearly release and the video has whet the appetites of many gamers waiting for FIFA 18’s launch in September.

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​​FIFA have previously released a trailer for the upcoming game and revealed FIFA 17’s new mode, The Journey, will also return.