Cristiano Ronaldo Reveals He Is Considering 4 More Children to Match His Shirt Number

​Cristiano Ronaldo Jr is already giving his father branding advice at seven years old.

The Real Madrid superstar’s eldest son has apparently convinced his famous dad to have four more children, so that his tally of kids matches his shirt number. 

Ronaldo Snr already has three kids: with the young Cristiano and recently joined by twins Eva and Mateo – while his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez is reportedly pregnant.


Ronaldo is thought to have revealed the idea of expanding his brood during a Chinese TV interview picked up by Portuguese newspapers, with Correio da Manha

The Sun quote the 32-year-old as saying: “Cristianinho is very happy.

“He’s doing well and says he wants more brothers and sisters. He wants seven, the magic number, and I think that’s good.”

Ronaldo went on to say he was “enjoying the moment” after expanding his family, but did not rule anything out when it came to potentially adding more children to his ever inflating family.

He confirmed in June that his new twins had been born via a photo on Instagram showing the former Manchester United winger holding the pair in his arms.

Ronaldo’s trip to China has been billed as his first ever individual promotional tour, flying to the Far East in partnership with Nike.

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The Euro 2016 winner remains at Real Madrid, despite reports earlier in the summer claiming he wanted to leave Los Blancos after being accused of defrauding Spanish authorities of millions of euros in tax.