Funny MoneyFan Pays Outrageous $13,358 for Front Row Tickets to El Clasico Friendly in Miami

​A football fan has reportedly paid a staggering $13,358.60 for two front row tickets to Saturday night’s El Clasico encounter between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The two heavyweights of Spanish football meet in Miami on Saturday night to bring one of La Liga’s most fierce and hotly contested matches to the shores of the United States, and fans have been showing their determination to be there by paying well over ‘normal’ prices for tickets.

Real Madrid CF v FC Barcelona - La Liga

According to Reuters, ticket prices on StubHub have been reaching around the $5,500 mark, but Darren Rovell of ESPN has now claimed that the highest price paid for one of these tickets has reached higher than double that amount.

​​An obscene amount for a football game, let alone a pre-season friendly – and Cristiano Ronaldo won’t even be paying.

Let’s see some perspective here. Two ‘Category 1 Gold’ tickets for the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup at the Santiago Bernabeu will currently set you back €1090.00 on Football Ticket Net.

Two return tickets from Miami to Madrid will cost a mere 857.78 and two nights in the luxury Hotel Villa Magna (2.5 miles from the Bernabeu) will cost a modest 769.54. Added together, your total cost comes to €2,717.32 – which converted to US dollars is $3913.47.

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This leaves around $10,000 to do whatever you like with – and you get to watch a match that means something to the players and includes Cristiano Ronaldo. You have to feel for the poor person who’s spent so much on those two tickets.

Either way, the game will surely be entertaining.