Witch Doctor Claims Cristiano Ronaldo Is ‘Cursed’ After Missing His Father’s Funeral

Cristiano Ronaldo’s start to the season has been surrounded by controversy, with a five-match ban and troubles with the Spanish tax authorities. According to “Fafe”, a Portuguese witch doctor, the Real Madrid star is under a “terrible curse, a tremendous case of evil eye.”

Fafe believes that Ronaldo is being punished for missing the funeral of his late father, Jose Dinis Aveiro: “Ronaldo has been weakened spiritually and psychologically,” said Fafe, when asked about the player’s recent troubles. 

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Speaking to Flash, Fafe said Ronaldo’s misfortune all descends from failing to fix the relationship with his father. Ronaldo’s father struggled with alcoholism throughout his life, passing away due to a related illness in 2005. 

Fafe continued: “He did not say goodbye to his father when he was alive, and had not talked to him in a long time. There are things that weigh on our consciences. As bad as a father can be, missing his funeral unleashed very powerful negative energies.”

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Missing his father’s funeral during his time at Manchester United, Ronaldo opted to play in a match instead of attending the proceedings. With this curse now looming over him, the misfortune will continue unless he is cured, according to Fafe. 

Luckily for Ronaldo, the witchdoctor is offering to relieve him – for free! Saying “I am happy to treat him for free. Ronaldo is the best player in the world and for him I would do it free of charge.”