Report Claims Ronaldo’s Legal Team Changed Version of Events Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

A document obtained by German outlet Der Spiegel appears to show Cristiano Ronaldo’s legal team altered their client’s version of events following the alleged sexual assault that took place in 2009.

Kathryn Mayorga, 34, recently filed a civil case against the Juventus forward, alleging that he had sexually assaulted her in a Las Vegas hotel in 2009, prompting the Vegas police to reopen their criminal investigation against the Juventus star.​


Der Spiegel’s report claims there are discrepancies between Ronaldo’s account of what happened in the hotel room, and what his account was recorded as being by his lawyers.

Ronaldo’s lawyers maintain their client’s innocence, and when asked for comment in response to this latest document, they told Der Spiegel that “significant portions” of the document “were altered and/or completely fabricated”.

Der Spiegel say that following the incident, Ronaldo’s legal team created a document with questions for the forward, to determine what his side of the story was and give him the best possible defence. 

The document is described as a questionnaire of sorts and in September 2009 Ronaldo gave his answers to a number of questions surrounding the night in question.

A few months later in December, this document – including Ronaldo’s answers – was sent out to members of his legal team. The document contained exactly the same questions as the version in September, but Ronaldo’s answers had been altered to give a different view of his version of events.

The answers Ronaldo had given in September backed up much of Mayorga’s version of events, including the fact that she had said no multiple times and that he had apologised after.

The December version of the document made for different reading. An example of this is the difference in Ronaldo’s account of what happened following the incident. One of the questions read as follows: “Did Ms. C [the name given to Mayorga] say anything after you had sexual intercourse?” 

Ronaldo’s answer in September had been: “Afterwards, she said: ‘You a*****e, you forced me. You idiot. I’m not like the others.’ I said, ‘I’m sorry.'”

The December document recorded his answer as simply being: “No.”