Sergio Ramos: 5 Ludicrous Reasons the Defender Could Give for Wanting to Go to China

The big transfer story this week has revolved around Real Madrid centre-back Sergio Ramos and his future at the Bernabeu.

Club president Florentino Perez revealed his captain has asked to leave the 13-time European champions this summer, with rumours circulating that the 33-year-old could settle in China for the remainder of his playing days. But why?

This is one of the most iconic footballers of his generation, a superlative defender and an inspirational leader. Real no doubt hope to keep him in the Spanish capital and he will surely lift more silverware as his career comes to a close.

Yet, despite all that, his mind appears made up and his heart seems set on a move away. Here are the potential reasons behind his decision to up sticks and begin afresh elsewhere.



Ramos could just be frank about it. There is a reasonable amount of money currently being pumped into the game in China. 

Actually, that’s a huge understatement; there is an enormous quantity of money filtering through their top division.

Carlos Tevez is one of the household names that switched to the Asian powerhouse in recent years and he can stand testament to the slightly insane figures flying around. In his one year there, the Argentine earned a cool $40m.

Diego Maradona summed up Tevez’s spell in the country beautifully, telling Ole: “He went to China, filled up Santa’s sack with dollars and came back to Boca. Perfect.” 

Ramos is an even bigger star than the former Manchester United striker, so just imagine the kinds of wages he could command.

It’s His Childhood Dream

Sergio Ramos

Growing up in the bullfighting city of Seville, young Sergio wanted nothing more than to don the fiery red of his beloved Guangzhou Evergrande. When the sun was up, he practised endlessly in the hopes of one day being good enough to play for the Tigers. When it was down, he dreamed of scoring a last-minute winner against eternal foes Shanghai SPIC.

Now, he has the opportunity to finally complete his lifelong dream and turn out for his boyhood club. Everything has been building towards this moment, from his first day in the Sevilla academy to lifting La Decima for Real. What a wonderful story of personal triumph.

He’s Bored of Winning the Champions League and Wants a Real Challenge 

Sergio Ramos

My goodness, the ​Champions League is monotonous. The same thing happens every year; Ajax always trash the holders in their own back garden, ​Tottenham Hotspur always perform a miracle to reach the final and there’s always a pulsating modern classic in the quarters. I’m sick of it.

Ramos is too, apparently. Not only does he have to endure watching Lucas Moura hit an unbelievable hat-trick to complete a three-goal turnaround, he also has to put up with winning the bloody thing most years. Life is such a chore.

The world champion needs a real challenge. And I mean a real challenge, the likes of which only the ultra-competitive Chinese Super League can provide. Forget the ​Premier League being the toughest football competition on the planet, its counterpart is far superior.

A Chance to Practice Kung Fu

Netherlands' midfielder Nigel de Jong (R

Ramos is no stranger to a wild lunge or an artful clip of an opponent’s ankle, although he could do better at it. With a total of 173 cards shown to the Spaniard during his time in ​La Liga – of which 19 are reds – he could do with a tiny bit of help with the fouls.

Cue Kung Fu. China has a rich, vibrant culture of martial arts practitioners that has survived the many changes the country has undergone in the past century. Ramos would hardly be struggling to find a Shifu to help hone his kicking skills.

He Hopes to Use Herbal Medicine to Extend His Career


The benefits of alternative, holistic medicine are beginning to be realised by western society, but the Chinese are well aware of its value. Herbal remedies are intrinsically tied to the history of the place and are accredited for the long, healthy lives of the population.

Now, Real’s skipper is in the twilight of his career. However, his fierce warrior-esque attitude simply won’t let him go out with a whimper. Instead, he must end his playing time in a blaze of glory and at the peak of his powers.

In order to do so, he must revitalise and reinvigorate his body using the knowledge of the ancients. This is precisely why Laozi and Confucius (don’t worry, they’re just a couple of Chinese philosophers) made sure all the important information they gathered in their respective lives was recorded – so that footballers would be lured to the pair’s favourite team in the hopes of prolonging their careers.