Blues fuelled up for Stamford Bridge return

However for the real picture of how unusually short the break between campaigns has been in this very different year of 2020, you need to take off two more weeks for the FA Cup final and the conclusion of our Champions League tie against Bayern Munich, and the one that has already passed at the start of this season since our first game away from home at Brighton.

So just over a month basically for rest and recuperation and then the pre-season preparations – a very different programme in these very different times.

Frank Lampard has spoken about the flexibility in his team he is aiming for with his reshaped squad, and there has been flexibility too from his coaching team in meeting the very different requirements of summer 2020.

Back in lockdown the story was well told of players maintaining their fitness alone, although that was with regular group Zoom sessions with the fitness coaches, all the squad and the management staff, as well as individual programmes that were monitored daily.

Then there was Project Restart with its short prelude at Cobham in high summer temperatures before an intense fixture programme with so much at stake. Shortened holidays followed and then it was back to work.