Werner pinpoints how his pace will help him in England, assesses his new nickname and highlights Rudiger’s role in his Chelsea transfer

Toni Rudiger recently revealed the part he played in convincing Werner to switch to Stamford Bridge, insisting ‘we spoke a lot during the lockdown and once he told me he was interested in coming to England, of course then I did what I had to do.’

Werner has expanded on the nature of those conversations and explained how important it was for him to have a trusted view from the inside before he made his decision.

‘It’s really important to have people who can speak your language and he helped me a lot in my first days here when sometimes I didn’t understand everything if the manager was talking too fast,’ he added.

‘When it was not so clear if I was coming here and I was talking to the manager and members of the club, he was important to me. To have a guy who was inside the team, he could tell me a little bit about the club – how are the people, the staff and the players, how is the feeling in the team, is everybody with each other?

‘He told me it is very good and fun to play here, that it’s a very big club that wants to win and that can win because they have the facilities for that. In this part, he was really important.’

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