Lampard: Protect the players, rethink the schedule

Lampard believes changes can be made to help the players and protect the Premier League brand, including losing the early kick-off on a Saturday following the international break. He has also called once again for the rule permitting five substitutes per game to be reintroduced.

‘The broadcasters have never had as many slots or games as they have now,’ he continued. ‘With that 12.30pm slot on a Saturday, you have to ask how much does it need to be there? If you’re looking over the course of a season at four or five international breaks, can we not change the time? 

‘With the amount of things we’ve changed due to Covid-19, Project Restart and now this season because of the incredible times, we have to continue looking for the best way to change it and it’s not a difficult conversation to have. The answer is to stop talking and act upon it.

‘It’s absolutely not the optimum way to prepare for a game in the Premier League, which is an incredible brand around the world. It’s very difficult for us to prepare for this game anywhere near our best. I want us to play to our best but these are very difficult circumstances.’