Emma Hayes previews big WSL clash vs Man Utd

‘The pair of them were marvellous and have a brilliant natural relationship. My job is merely to keep guiding them, do little bits of analysis but for the most part when you’ve top players it’s just about shaping little things here and there to keep them in the right place.

‘I’ve always been about finding the right combination to win the game and I value what the players do at training as one part of it but the other part is what is going to hurt the opposition.

‘Having that many different options means I have the ability to change things from week to week, it doesn’t have to look the same and I don’t like things to look the same, it’s too dull.’

Lastly, Hayes praised the rise in competitiveness within the Barclays FA Women’s Super League.

‘I like winning, I like competing and I’ll do everything I can to do that. But what I’ve wanted more than anything else is a competitive league and we’ve got it.

‘Whether it’s Manchester United this season, these games are tough week in week out. You prepare knowing that if you’re not at your best, you’re in trouble and the fact that there is a different rival this year and that there is another one, adds excitement to the women’s game. I just hope it’s a cracker for the fans at home.’

The game, which kicks off at 2.30pm on Sunday, will be broadcast live on BT Sport.