Chilwell recalls his big break in Yorkshire

In fact, despite getting to be part of the Foxes’ Premier League celebrations at the end of the season, the fact he made just two FA Cup appearances against Tottenham in January during the remainder of 2015/16, meant it was actually something of a disappointment not to be able to see out the campaign with Huddersfield.

‘Everyone presumes you want to go back to Leicester as they were doing so well. There was obviously a part of me that wanted to do that because of how well the team was doing, but I think people didn’t realise that I wasn’t actually in the first team at the time, and at Huddersfield I was playing every week.

‘I was absolutely loving playing in the Championship week in, week out. I loved the dressing room and everything about Huddersfield. To then go back to Leicester was bitter-sweet because I was going back into a team that was doing so well, which was good to see, but then also I wasn’t playing a lot. I don’t think I played another minute of league football that season.

‘Obviously it was great to see that winning mentality that the Leicester changing room had and again that was a good learning experience for myself, but the better thing for me at the time would have been to stay and complete the whole season at Huddersfield on loan and get that experience of playing men’s football for the whole year.’

While his time at Huddersfield may have been short and sweet, the experience he gained there proved invaluable as he played a much bigger role for Leicester the following season. By the start of 2017/18 he had succeeded Fuchs as a regular member of the Foxes side at left-back and was well on his way to becoming the England international who has impressed during his first campaign with Chelsea.