Azpilicueta on Atletico’s threats, keeping Luis Suarez in check and his ambition to win an elusive Champions League

‘They’re a very solid team, top of the league in Spain and that’s well deserved,’ he explained. ‘Even though they lost last weekend at home, we know that we are facing a very strong team with experience in the competition, with a manager that they have been working together with for a few years.

‘We have to try to play our game – to control the game, try to create chances, be clinical up front and defend well.’

Defending well means keeping Suarez in check. The Uruguayan has 16 goals in all competitions so far this season and blunting his threat will prove crucial if the Blues are to progress through to the quarter-finals.

Azpilicueta recalls memorable past meetings with the 34-year-old and suggests it will be a job for everybody in the team to keep him quiet at the National Arena in Bucharest tomorrow night.

‘The best way to defend against him is to keep him as far as possible from the goal and that’s a collective job,’ added the skipper. ‘I faced him when he was at Liverpool and Barcelona in the Champions League so I know he’s a great striker.