Strong and smiling: Manager and captain update on Hudson-Odoi since Southampton

‘Sometimes you reflect while you do it, should I do it because maybe the media and outside and the family and whatever makes it bigger than it actually is meant. Still I did it and we had the only reaction we wanted, which was that he went back to the normal mood, to a good mood and to a smile and good training the next day, and a very good training today and that is it.

‘I already said right after the game it was a decision for that day and this is the lesson to learn from that day for him and for me also, and we go on and then it is forgotten and that is absolutely the way. Here in Cobham between us two and between me and the team, it is business as usual and no big thing.’

Cesar Azpilicueta, asked about it as Hudson-Odoi’s captain and a very experienced campaigner, had this to say:

‘Obviously it is not nice to come on and be subbed after 25 or 30 minutes, that is very obvious and the manager made it clear, and what was important was to see his reaction afterwards.