Tuchel pinpoints key to big Chelsea victory, rates Havertz’s performance and defines our DNA

Havertz scored his first league goal since October

‘He has quality. He needs to show his quality, it’s as easy as that. Kai will never be our emotional leader and we don’t expect that from him. We expect him to show his quality.

‘He needs to be in high positions, either half positions or the number nine position. This is not a big difference for me.

‘Honestly he needed to show he could do better, that was a personal challenge for him. He got a second chance to show up after Porto and he did that. There is still room to improve in finishing, he can be more ruthless, he should have scored more, but it was a good step and a good performance.’

It was the first time we have scored more than two goals under Tuchel

‘It was clearly the performance where we created the most chances, the most touches in the opposition box, and scored the most, but you cannot compare it to Champions League matches or a game at Liverpool. But I’m happy with what we played today.

‘I feel it is very difficult to score in the Premier League in any match. We did a great job offensively as a team. But it is a complex game, you cannot divide matches into offense and defence.

‘While we were attacking we were closing the spaces. We did not allow Crystal Palace to escape the pressure, we had high ball recoveries, we were very brave in pushing up the pitch while we were attacking.

‘The message we give is clear. We defend together and attack together. Nothing changes in that message. We are very happy we could create a lot but against Porto we start from scratch.’