The Debrief: Dominance on the flanks and unbeatable defence provide foundations for Champions League glory

A massive 53 per cent of all our attacks came down our right flank, compared to 24 per cent on the left and 23 per cent through the middle.

The responsibility for those attacks down the right fell primarily to James and Havertz, explaining why those two attempted four dribbles each, more than any other Chelsea players, as they tried to get at Zinchenko to exploit his defensive weakness and pin him back in his own half.

The way Havertz and Timo Werner frequently switched positions, especially during the first half, was also crucial, as they produced a tag team to keep Zinchenko and the other City defenders guessing and run them into the ground. The duo alternated between Werner’s pace and runs in behind, and Havertz’s impeccable control and desire to come inside with the ball, as well as creating space for each other.

That was particularly evident for the decisive goal, as Werner drifted all the way across the pitch, taking the centre-backs with him, allowing Havertz to charge past the already tired-looking Zinchenko and into the gaping space created through the middle to meet Mason Mount’s perfectly weighted pass.