Player of the Year exclusive interview: Mason Mount – part two

Like Terry, Mount captained the Blues for the first time within days of his 21st birthday back in January. Skipper of an FA Youth Cup-winning side in his Academy days, the armband itself was not a novel accessory for him but his style of leadership has noticeably evolved over the past five years.

As a teenager and a mercurial midfielder, Mount led by example with actions rather than words, often inspiring those around him with moments of brilliance or a consistently high level of performance. However, a regular place in the team has brought with it confidence and has seen our number 19 develop other means of influence.

‘I’m learning more and more about that role,’ he says of developing as a leader. ‘I had it when I was a bit younger in the youth teams where I was captain a couple of times and leading the boys to a Youth Cup was special. I learnt a lot from that so now coming to this season, I can bring that experience I’ve had in the past and use it but also add things to it as well.

‘When you reach the senior game, you can still be someone that leads by example but you can’t just be that. You need to bring more to the team and as a captain at a big club like this, to have that personality and vocalness around the boys really helps. You need that with a team like this, to lead them when games are tough, to really step up and be a big player, so that’s something I’ve learnt as well to add to my game.

‘I’m always learning and that’s always going to be something that I’m going to get better and better with. You look at the players in the past who have been top players and legends of this club, captains that you can try and take things off. That’s something I’ve always looked at growing up and I still look at now.’