Update on unofficial supporters groups’ process for supporter advisor selection

After discussion with a variety of fan groups it was agreed that one supporter advisor is to be selected through the Fans’ Forum, one through diversity and equality representatives on the Fans’ Forum and Chelsea Pride, and one through unofficial supporters’ groups. It was agreed that each grouping would determine the process used to determine the supporter adviser being selected by that group.

The supporter advisors from the first two of those groups have now been selected, and it remains to select the supporter advisor from the unofficial supporters’ groups. (Further information on the supporter advisers will be provided once all three are in place.)

The unofficial supporters groups (consisting of Chelsea Supporters’ Trust, Chelsea Supporters Group, Chelsea Supporters Club and Chelsea Pitch Owners) have now agreed a process for this selection and are seeking candidates. 

This process is detailed on these pages:

Chelsea Supporters’ Trust website

Chelsea Supporters Group website

Chelsea Supporters Club Facebook page

Click for Chelsea Pitch Owners website

Once a short-list of candidates is reached by the process agreed by the unofficial supporters groups, final voting will take place through an independent electoral balloting company, and hospitality and general admission season ticket holders and members will be invited to vote. Email notification will be provided at that time, expected to be near the end of September, to each eligible voter, along with the voting procedures. Supporters should note that their season ticket or membership will need to be in an individual name and not in a corporate name in order to be eligible to vote.

Fans who might be interested in becoming a supporter adviser, including those not members of any unofficial supporters club, are encouraged to read the materials carefully and consider applying.