Christensen calls for instant response

Looking back at Saturday’s loss to Manchester City, the Danish international was quick to admit that the Blues were below our usual standards and is disappointed to have missed an opportunity at home against another side with title ambitions this season.

‘I think you always feel like that when you play at home. It was a tough match to get into and it was only after their goal that we came alive, but by then it was too late really.

‘We came into the game quite strongly, but they were better on the day. It was always going to be a tough game. We feel like we gave the first half away a little bit and we got into the game too late. It felt like we lacked a bit of everything, especially in the first half.

‘As soon as we got on the ball in the first half, we had no options really. We lacked a bit of intensity, energy going forward, a bit of composure on the ball. We lacked what we usually have on the ball, so it was a bit of everything and it’s disappointing but we’re looking forward.’