Hayes: We are better because of final experience last year

Chelsea supporters had to watch from home as the Blues made it to our first Champions League final last season.

Speaking in her pre-match press conference, Hayes praised Chelsea fans for their support during recent fixtures and highlighted the impact they have on her players in the big moments.

‘The connection between us both is one that has grown year on year,’ said Hayes.

‘They demand a lot of us, like we do ourselves and we’ve delivered. For many years, we’ve delivered a team that has competed at the top end and it’s not easy to keep doing that but with our fans they give us that lift we need, especially in the top moments.

‘Our fans are special. We had a couple of bus loads travel to Birmingham last week and we had more fans than Birmingham. It was the same with Manchester United away, amazing support.

‘It goes two ways. They’ve got an amazing team to support and they appreciate us as much as we appreciate them. I sing every song with them every week. In fact, my son now sings two or three of them and I’ve never taught him one song, but he sings them because he’s been picking them up week on week.’

Tomorrow’s clash against Wolfsburg kicks-off at 8pm and tickets for the game can be purchased here.