Tuchel gives latest news on Chelsea Covid numbers and injury doubts

Newcastle manager Eddie Howe has said he fears for the integrity of the competition given all the postponements.

‘He has a point, but everybody else who says we should still continue has also a point,’ decided Tuchel.

‘There is not one answer to all these questions that are asked in society and to professional football right now. That’s why I don’t have the feeling that I should go out with one proper opinion and make myself believe that I’m right on this. The situation is very, very complex and safety and health is always in first place.

‘We are very privileged that we still can work and be tested all the time, but I can understand the point. It may be a better moment to play against Chelsea with four positive Covid tests. I see both points.

‘I’m sure there are rules why games are postponed. I cannot believe that teams get for the same amount of Covid cases protection and the postponed game. If you postpone one match for Covid, my personal opinion is it must be three matches postponed because the players need to be 10 days out now.

‘But if you cancel three games you end up maybe with another problem so I can understand the decision to protect as many games as possible.

‘I also have the feeling of the privilege to play and I will not go down this road of making excuses or blaming or whatever, I simply don’t want to go there.’