Social Media Powerhouse Cristiano Ronaldo Revealed to Be 3rd Highest Instagram Earner in the World

​Cristiano Ronaldo has been revealed as the third-highest Instagram earner in the world after socialite Kim Kardashian and singer Selena Gomez.

The footballing superstar has reached incredible performance levels on the pitch throughout his career, but he has also established himself as one of the most marketable stars in the world, period, over the past decade or so.

British-based internet company ​Hopper has determined that the Real Madrid forward earns around £310,000-per-post on social media site Instagram, which makes him far and away the highest-earning sports star through the platform.

The Portugal captain is followed by 106m people from around the world, meaning anything he uploads will be seen by a huge audience, which is a massive attraction for various different brands wanting to sponsor.

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly earns £310,000 per commercial post on Instagram, the most of any athlete in the world. 螺
— Squawka News (@SquawkaNews) 5 July 2017

To put things into perspective, the next sports star on the list is basketball’s Lebron James in 10th, who can *only* command around £93,000-per-post.
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Ronaldo is a keen contributor on Instagram and so it is safe to assume that, on top of his Real Madrid wage, his weekly income is going to be absolutely off the chart. Lend us a tenner, Cris?