PHOTO: Debate Rages Among FIFA Fans After EA Sports Unveil 2018 Ronaldo FUT Card

​It’s not easy to please every single fan you have all of the time. Just ask EA Sports.

The makers of the critically-acclaimed FIFA video game series, whose 2018 edition is only two months away from release, recently took to their Twitter account to unveil the newest legend to their “icon series”:

Brazilian striking legend Ronald it is then! It’s not surprising to see him given such amazing statistics given how good he was at playing football, but funnily enough it’s not his stats that are causing consternation among FIFA’s fanbase.

Nope, it’s the design of his card. Yeah, we know, petty right? Turns out not everyone is a lover of how EA have gone about putting Ronaldo’s card together:

It wasn’t all bad news for EA, however, with some fans choosing to look past the design and just being happy that Ronaldo is included in this year’s game:

Look, we get it. Design can be everything to some people and it always helps to make something that most fans will be relatively happy with.

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However, considering how well FIFA actually plays – and how beautiful it looks, we add – aren’t there more pressing concerns than a card’s design? We certainly think so.