Gareth Bale Is Remarkably Frank When Quizzed About His Biggest Weakness

One would easily guess that Real Madrid and Wales star Gareth Bale is a hard worker, but it’s looking like such an assumption would be incorrect, given the winger’s latest interview.

Since joining Madrid, Bale has gone on to win the Champions League on three occasions, as well as the La Liga title. He certainly seems to put a lot of work into his game, but according to the Welshman, he’s quite the sloth.


“I’m quite lazy. That’s probably the best answer,” he told ​Diario AS after being asked what his biggest weakness is.

Responding to a question regarding his greatest virtue, Bale said: “I don’t know. I think that while I’m healthy and my family and friends are as well, and that they are happy, that’s all I ask for, nothing more.”


The player was also asked what the hardest part of being a footballer is for him, and as expected, he singled out the travelling. 

“Travelling a lot, being away from you family so often; living in a different country,” he explained. “You want to be close to you family and friends… but you have to spend a lot of time away from home, travelling. And after that, it’s take a while to actually recover from all of those trips.

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Bale went on to reveal that he is hardly ever bothered by criticism from the media as it’s all ‘just opinions’.

“It’s all just opinions,” he said with a laugh. “They have to sell newspapers somehow and they need to write something… I’m used to people writing nice things and bad things… It’s nothing something which worries me.”