Real Madrid Reportedly Keen on Signing Tottenham Ace Dele Alli But Daniel Levy Stands in the Way

Florentino Perez is reportedly paying close attention to Tottenham talisman Dele Alli after the youngster scored twice and showed impressive skills during Spurs’ Champions League win against Real Madrid last week. 

Los Blancos’ President is a great admirer of both him and his co-star striker Harry Kane, and is hoping to secure either of them by the end of the season. 

According to Marca, Real’s interest towards the duo is progressing fast, with both Perez and director general Jose Angel Sanchez pushing for a new deal for the 21-year-old playmaker. 

In the past few years, Zinedine Zidane has actively taken part in the club’s scouting and recruiting process – to the extent that he often pronounced himself against their transfer auctions – and Perez generally agreed with the Frenchman’s requests. 

However, the current Real Madrid’s situation may change how things are run. Having recently suffered two setbacks in a row, the Galacticos are going through a chaotic period and Zidane’s veto when it comes to transfers could be nulled. 

This would allow Perez to freely chase Dele Alli, whose signing, however, could still not be immediate. 

Were Real Madrid to bid for him, they would still have to deal with old acquaintance and ruthless negotiator Daniel Levy. 

Levy has been Tottenham’s chairman for the past 16 years and has ever since become famous worldwide for being one of the hardest and most impatient negotiators in the European scenes. 

Los Blancos still remember how expensive landing Luka Modric and Gareth Bale were.; Spurs pocketed a staggering, world-record €100m from selling the Welsh superstar striker to Madrid and previously, Luka Modric’s transfer in 2012 earned them around £30m. 

Levy’s tendency to always obtain what he wants would represent, according to Marca, a major obstacle were Tottenham to agree on a deal for Alli. 

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This summer, Neymar and Mbappe joined Paris-st-Germain for the astonishing price of respectively €220m and €180m and Spurs’ chairman won’t certainly expect any less for his English aces.