Classic Jose! Hilarious Memento Mourinho Had Installed in His Real Madrid Office Has Been Revealed

​Jose Mourinho is certainly an idiosyncratic talent, to say the least. The Portuguese tactician has been in the upper echelons of the game for over a decade now, with an exceptional amount of trophies accrued.

Side by side with this success has been his combative style and provocative (that’s one way of putting it) personality, with countless instances of both throughout the years. Thus, it should come as no surprise to hear that upon his appointment as Real Madrid manager, there was one particular item he couldn’t live without in his working space.

Inter Milan's Portuguese  coach Jose Mou

According to Sid Lowe’s new book ‘Fear and Loathing in La Liga’, via Givemesport, the former Inter manager was so enamoured by his triumph over Barcelona in the previous Champions League semi-final, especially his own celebration, he decided to construct a life-size bust of the event.

Lowe outlines: “A life-sized cutout stood in Jose Mourinho’s office at Valdebebas, Real Madrid’s training ground north-east of the city. It was him sprinting across the Nou Camp turf, finger in the air, celebrating at the end of the 2010 Champions League semi-final.”

While such a hilariously egotistical action is now almost par for the course from the former Chelsea man, the notion is remarkable nonetheless. 

In his defence, it is an iconic moment from a glistening career, and clearly left his employers in no doubt as to why they had appointed him to topple the Catalans.

Despite restoring Madrid’s domestic pride with a La Liga tile in 2012, and numerous records broken with it, Mourinho’s time at Real Madrid ultimately never produced a moment akin to the one he immortalised from 2010.

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