​Sergio Ramos has released a challenge to his Instagram followers that is beginning to go viral; and before you ask, no – it isn’t to do with seeing how many off the ground two footed tackles you can hit strangers with… frustratingly.

In fact, it’s much more boring than that. It’s not like the cinnamon challenge where a participant literally risks their life to eat a spoon of cinnamon. Nor is it fun like the Rolex challenge, where good friends Ayo and Teo challenged us to cut some outrageous shapes to their hit song ‘Rolex’.

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No, instead, we’re throwing it back to Year 4 PE, and seeing how many kick ups we can do with various balls:

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​​Now, the Real Madrid skipper hasn’t specifically said that this is a ‘challenge’ per se; but Spanish news outlet Marca seem to think it is. So you know, go kick a ball a few times, send it to Sergio and see what he thinks of it.

Or don’t.

It doesn’t really matter. Absolute shocker that a professional footballer – who has won the World Cup, the European Championship twice, and the Champions League three times – can keep a tennis ball in the air.

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