​The ultimate football debate. Messi or Ronaldo. Arguably the two greatest players of all time – no one comes close in recent times. They have won an equal amount of Ballon D’ors, have similar goal records, and it is almost impossible to split the pair

Messi is a naturally gifted magician, whereas Ronaldo is the ultimate athlete, bringing power and unbelievable physical attributes. Although there is no doubt that Messi has been the better of the two so far this season, Ronaldo is still a magnificent player and will surely rediscover his form soon.


We may be coming to the end of a football world dominated by these two wizards, but what a period it has been. It seems they break records in almost every single game they play in.

So, when you pit a team of Ronaldo’s against a team of Messi’s on video game PES 2018, who comes out on top?

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It may not be the best way of settling the debate, but with their records in real life being so similar, it may be the best we can do. 

As you can imagine, neither player was particularly useful in a goalkeeping or defensive role, so goals were flying in all over the place. Who had the edge though? Team Messi or team Ronaldo?

Messi Ronaldo

In a an absolute thriller, it was team Ronaldo that came out on top. Despite holding more possession throughout the game, team messi were dominated in terms of shots on goal. Messi only managed seven on target compared to Ronaldo’s 19 so it is no surprise CR7 came out on top.

It is worth mentioning that Messi, who is significantly shorter, made an impressive nine saves compared to Ronaldo’s three. However, this was not enough to prevent a Ronaldo victory.

Does this put the debate to bed once and for all? Probably not, and will there ever be a concrete answer to the seemingly unanswerable question of Ronaldo or Messi?

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