​Real Madrid full back Marcelo has revealed that teammate Cristiano Ronaldo used to be a professional table tennis player. 

Marcelo released this information while playing a game of ping pong with his interviewer on his personal YouTube channel. He uses this channel to show his fans features of his life and to give them an insight of what it is like to play for Madrid. 

Via ​his YouTube channel, Marcelo said during the game: “Do you know who was a professional in this game? Cristiano. He was a professional at Sporting. He trained, trained and became professional.”

Real Madrid Training and Press Conference

The Brazilian also admitted that it is difficult to enjoy playing against Ronaldo as he is too good; so good in fact that he cannot reply to some of his services. 

This is interesting news from Marcelo, and it makes you question what could have been if Ronaldo had carried on with his table tennis career? One thing is for certain, it would be a much less entertaining competition for the Ballon d’Or every year. 

The 29-year-old has established himself as one of the world’s best left backs, making the FIFA FIFPro World XI for the last three years. He has 23 appearances in the La Liga this season, scoring two goals and contributing five assists in the competition. 

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