Twitter Melts Down as Ronaldo Agrees Move from Real Madrid to Italian Giants Juventus

​So, it finally happened. The most implausible, most impossible move imaginable in world football was made official on Tuesday afternoon, when ​Real Madrid permitted Cristiano Ronaldo to leave the Spanish capital for Turin. 

There are many times in a season when you could feasibly declare that twitter was in “meltdown”, but rarely does such a phrase live up to its name. Rarer still does “meltdown” belie the true ridiculousness, the true unexpectedness of a situation.

But it did when the five time Ballon d’Or and Champions League winning Portuguese international made his move from Madrid to ​Juventus. 

Here is some of the best reaction.

It started off fairly irreverently:

Before people gradually began to grapple with the magnitude of the situation:

​​Even a couple of his teammates (past & present) got in on the action: 

​​Others focussed on the craziness of the deal itself, on both sides:

​​While some chose to prognosticate on the future: