Real Madrid Sell Shirts of FIFA Star Alex Hunter in Official Club Shop at £132 a Pop

​Real Madrid are blurring the lines between fiction and reality by selling official shirts with the name of Alex Hunter – the star of video game FIFA’s Journey Mode.​

The Journey Mode, featuring the fictional Hunter, has been a staple of the last two FIFA games, and will continue in the forthcoming FIFA 19 when Hunter will join real life European champions Real Madrid.

The graphics of FIFA are almost indistinguishable from reality these days, but anyone who feels that the game still isn’t realistic enough can continue the fantasy by buying Hunter’s new 29 jersey from the Real Madrid online store.

The most expensive shirt with Hunter’s name on is priced at £132.90, a price which seems like a deliberate cash-in. 

However, that’s actually the same price as a shirt with any other Madrid player’s name on the back. Still extortionate, but no more so than usual.

Nevertheless, the ‘signing’ of Alex Hunter didn’t go down well with Madrid fans, who have endured a quiet summer in the transfer window.

There was some good news for Madrid fans this evening though as they completed the signing of an actual human being, with T​h​ibaut Courtois set to join the European champions from Chelsea.