Sergio Ramos Inducted Into Wind Up Merchant Hall of Fame After Mohamed Salah Shoulder Tap

When ​Mohamed Salah got ready for the Champions League draw today, how was he supposed to know that he would leave the venue in a cold sweat, having flashbacks to the Champions League final last season?

Well, you’d forgive the Egyptian for feeling that way after Ramos tapped Salah on the shoulder as he exited the stage this evening, having collected his award for UEFA’s Defender of the Year.

The problem was that Salah didn’t account for one thing, the elite ability of Sergio Ramos to be a wind up merchant. See, Ramos isn’t actually a great defender, he’s been lucky to be a part of some great defences – but more often than not he’s an accident waiting to happen.

But it’s moments like this, at the draw for the Champions League Group Stages, where you really get to appreciate what Ramos is all about. 

The Spaniard is cold and calculated, he knows exactly what he’s doing there, and it’s the kind of behaviour Jamie Vardy or Diego Costa would’ve been proud of. Ramos asserted dominance in the snidest way possible, and it was genius.

As the Spaniard stepped down from the stage knowing what he was about to do, he could probably hear the entire city of Liverpool tapping away ferociously at their computers, coming up with ways the centre back should be banned from the competition this season. 

But that’s what drives players like Ramos, they thrive on it. Liverpool fans may hate you Sergio, but keep doing what you’re doing, football wouldn’t be the same without it.