Twitter Reacts as Cengiz Under Stakes His Claim for the Worst Miss of All Time in Real Madrid Tie

​”My granny could have scored that!” 

It’s an exclamation that’s been shouted by football fans across the world, with head in hands, on countless occasions. 

99% of times that “my granny could have scored” is shouted at a television, it’s probably not true.

Tonight, however, we witnessed the 1%.

AS Roma v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League

We bore witness to an opportunity spurned by a professional – generally highly rated – footballer that your granny could have actually scored. 

In AS Roma’s UEFA Champions League encounter with Real Madrid, Cengiz Under missed an embarrassingly guilt-edged chance to give his side a 1-0 lead.

With the goal gaping, and with the Stadio Olimpico in mid-celebration, the young winger side footed the ball into the stratosphere from just five yards. 

In the aftermath of the this miss, Twitter was typically ruthless: 




Under can perhaps take solace in the fact that this will likely not be the only chance he’ll have to score against Los Blancos tonight…as Real Madrid have already conceded an astonishing 20 goals in 13 La Liga games his season.