Gareth Bale’s Real Madrid Future in Doubt if ‘No Deal’ Brexit Is Approved

​Gareth Bale’s future with Real Madrid could be uncertain if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union in a ‘no deal’ Brexit. 

With the British parliament currently unable to find amicable terms with which to leave the European Union, British citizens who work abroad, such as Bale, could lose the right to work in overseas EU countries.

Gareth Bale

According to ​ESPN, sources at the British Embassy in Madrid have confirmed that the current agreement would preserve the rights for UK citizens to work abroad, but the parliament’s latest disagreement over the terms means that these rights are no longer assured.

​Bale’s agent, Jonathan Barrett, has added that both he and Bale would “wait and see what happens”, but admitted that it is “impossible to plan”, given the current uncertainty.

If the right to work abroad cannot be preserved, Bale would be one of an estimated 300,000 British nationals working in Spain who would need to be granted permission to live and work in the country.

Juan Ignacio Navas, of legal experts Navas & Cusi Abogados Madrid, admitted that obtaining a work permit is not guaranteed. He said: “That is not currently not easy to get as many people want come here to live.

“But we have a law that if you buy a house for half a million euro, or you have a ‘special’ job, it is easier.”

Given Bale’s status in Madrid, it is likely that he would have no difficulties in obtaining a work permit. He is one of world football’s most recognisable players, certainly one of ​La Liga’s most valuable commodities, and his status as an elite footballer would help accelerate the process of earning a work permit.

Gabriel Paulista,Patrick Roberts

However, things may not be so simple for ​Manchester City youngster Patrick Roberts, who is currently on loan at Girona. Roberts would also have to apply for a permit and could also find himself staring into an uncertain future.