Lampard exclusive: Havertz a fantastic young talent who must be given time to settle

As well as having his own identity on the pitch, Havertz has impressive characteristics off it, as our manager explains…

‘On his personality, I have been absolutely overwhelmed with how humble and down to earth he is, and how well he wants to do here, and how he is very excited with the challenge. He wants to come here and be a top player for Chelsea, and really prove his talents on this stage.

‘That to me has been one of the most exciting things, not just to be excited about him arriving as a top talent, but to see his mentality as he has come in. That gives a really good feeling about how his career is going to be at Chelsea.’

In his first interview as a Chelsea player, Havertz said he believes Lampard can help him in his position as a player, especially with scoring goals. Lampard has views on whether the scoring of goals as an attacking midfielder can be coached or whether it is an instinct.

‘I think it is both. The ability to score and know the right areas to arrive into, which I have seen in Kai when I have watched him play, it can be quite a natural instinct but it is something that can be worked on and improved even more. The fact Kai comes in saying that he wants to improve in those areas is a great thing.