Thiago Silva: Lampard and Chelsea giving me great opportunity

On his move from Paris to London, the former PSG captain explained his contract there was extended by two months to cover the end of their Champions League campaign. After that he was expecting to leave and considered his options. Although after returning to Paris following the final with Bayern Munich he was called into a meeting with his former club to discuss his future, on the Monday morning following PSG’s defeat he had said yes to Chelsea. |

‘I am very grateful to Paris St-Germain for everything they did for me but now I am onto a new project, a new club and I am highly motivated. I am very prepared to play in the Premier League and I hope to contribute as much as possible to the young players who have tremendous quality.’

Thiago Silva had not considered a move to England in the past. Many years ago the style of football was not the type he wanted to be involved with but he believes that has changed over time and now his ambition is to experience it first-hand.

‘I feel really good, age is just a number. Physically I feel very young and well prepared for this. People who know me know how much I love my work, how I put in 200 per cent, and this is a great opportunity that Chelsea and Frank Lampard have given me and I don’t want to let them down.’