‘It’s crazy!’ – Timo Werner on working with Chelsea greats he admired growing up

‘When you come into the club they are working for the club. When you see them as a child, like 10, and then you see Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, Petr Cech, you say “wow it’s crazy I am here with them now”.

‘It’s a lot of fun.’

Werner is a month into his competitive Chelsea career and has already looked seriously sharp, with his individual highlight so far being the super strike he netted away to Tottenham. One thing that has been missing, though, are Blues supporters being able to enjoy his electric movement in the flesh.

‘It’s been a little bit difficult without fans because I think in the Premier League the fans have an important role, especially here, in the whole game,’ he said.

‘It’s different because in Germany they always sing and always have fun. But here the fans are a lot in the game.

‘They watch it and they love it when you tackle, create a chance or score. That feeling is special.

‘I felt it with Leipzig when we played Tottenham. It was crazy the feeling you had. It was a different feeling to the Bundesliga. I am looking forward to having the fans back here and playing normal Premier League games. That will be good for everybody.’