Lampard: Cech in the squad a ‘no-brainer’

‘He is very fit, he is still relatively young, he probably could have carried on playing,’ Lampard continued.

‘He has taken on his role at Chelsea which he does very well, he is very helpful to me and we work very closely. Whether we will see him [playing] much this season I am not sure. It depends on how the season goes and on Covid and isolation, but I certainly felt it was a no-brainer to have Pete in the squad for that reason. It can only help the goalkeepers we have to see one of the world’s best in the modern era amongst us.’

Cech of course won a huge number of honours during his Chelsea playing career spanning 2004 to 2015, including Premier League titles and the Champions League.

‘It is definitely not done for the romance,’ Lampard said of his former team-mate being down as a player once more.

‘Pete certainly enjoys the training because that is how he is. I would enjoy training more if my calves didn’t go tight every time I try to sprint these days. With Pete it [playing] is something I wouldn’t expect to happen this year, but I do know with the way he is and how fit he is that if we were in crisis times then of course we couldn’t ask for something much better than having Petr Cech around. I don’t expect it but nobody expected what we have seen in the last six or seven months around the world.’