Jorginho reveals how he is helping Thiago Silva settle and explains the defensive details that make a difference

‘He’s very happy here,’ added Jorginho. ‘He’s a big personality, a big player, with big experience.

‘He’s helping all of us a lot, the group, the young players, everyone because he has personality. He is helping everyone with what he feels and what he feels is the right thing to say. He is doing very well and we are happy to have him here.’

Thiago Silva’s two most recent appearances have yielded clean sheets for the team, and shoring up defensively remains a key target for Lampard and the coaching staff, as well as the players.

‘We are trying to be a solid team, not conceding goals,’ says Jorginho.

‘Details can make the difference: being aggressive, defending inside the box, how to press, 50/50 balls, not switching off on set plays.

‘We need to be aware all the time and we are trying to do that. We are on the right way.’