Lampard pinpoints two ways Chelsea can be better

With Reece James able to operate behind the Moroccan if both are selected on the right, the crossing potential there is clear, and on the left Ben Chilwell has already demonstrated his potency, behind the likes of Mason Mount or Timo Werner, or Pulisic when he is fit.

The wide areas are something Lampard has been discussing.

‘Part of my thinking when Hakim Ziyech comes to the club is the balance of the sides of the pitch which is very important for us,’ he says.

‘We knew Reece’s quality last year in terms of crossing the ball and when you can have a winger in front of him that offers different angles and combinations on that side to put balls into the box, then it can be a big strength of ours.

‘When I say that, don’t forget that Azpi has been here for years, making big assists for the club at different times from all sorts of crosses and different angles, so when we look at the sides of the pitch it is something that we want to exploit and we can get better at it.

‘At the moment we are getting praise for the sides of the pitch but as we move forward we can get better at it in terms of our execution and finishing in the box as well, but it is something I am happy with and we want to keep working on it.’