Emma Hayes: Reaching next levels

The Blues have won four games on the bounce, a run which began after our slender 2-1 defeat to tomorrow’s opponent Everton in the 2019/20 FA Cup quarter-final at the end of September.

Hayes praised the good work that manager Willie Kirk is doing at Everton and considers the Toffees as contenders for the Women’s Super League title this season.

‘Everton have been outstanding, their recruitment was top notch and the most impressive thing is their team ethic, their selfless behaviours for each other and they are a team that plays with no ego,’ said the Chelsea manager.

‘I like that about them, I think that’s why they will be a contender this year. They don’t have individuals and it’s been impressive to watch how they stay in games, how they work for each other and how no job is too big for them as a group.

‘Our team has to accept that the quality is better across the league and the way you accept that is to make sure the team comes first in everything. Even though we are champions, champions don’t rest on previous games, so whatever this team did last season is totally irrelevant.

‘It’s what we do day in, day out at training that matters because everyone around us is extremely hungry.

‘I don’t think the team is at its best level yet but it will be when everyone puts the team at the heart of everything we do.’