Hayes on win over Everton and her total team players

‘They give everything to the team and they deserve a special mention both of them for their quiet leadership and I’m happy to hear everybody else recognises it.

‘We’re starting to find our stride. What I’ve learnt about coaching world-class players and I have a squad of them, is that if they have the ability to adapt, grow, improve and stay present to give as much to the team as they possibly can, then we have the best possible chance of going where we’re going.

‘Managing top talent is not easy but I must credit all of them for being able to do all the things I must mention.

‘If I have a group of players that keep progressing daily in a competitive environment and keep giving, then it doesn’t matter who plays in this team,’ Hayes continued.

Yesterday England made her third start of the campaign and her performance, which including notching two goals in a matter of minutes, was recognised when she was rewarded with the Barclays FA Women’s Super League player of the match accolade.

Hayes spoke about England’s performance and has challenged the 26-year-old to continue to raise the bar and reach the levels that she was at last term.

‘As the PFA Player of the Year, the bar was already high for her,’ Hayes said.

‘I’ve been clear that I didn’t think she was at the levels in the first part of the season because she had a long Achilles injury and being in rehab for four months is quite a substantial amount of time.

‘Even though she only missed two weeks of the pre-season I felt she wasn’t at the levels she set last year.

‘I’m happy for her today but my job is to win games, not to make my players happy and it’s up to Beth to make sure that Sunday is the start of another unbelievable run for her. All I’m interested in is how she performs on Wednesday in training.’