Gilmour: I’ve got to take my opportunity tomorrow

‘It’s been a long time out with my first major injury,’ he said. ‘It was disappointing to get it but now I’m back and feeling strong and I can’t wait to get going again.

‘Just being back on the pitch, working hard in training and being back with the lads, it really helps you a lot to come back into training with this game coming up. It’s helped me a lot and I can’t wait.

‘When I was in the team playing, doing well, and then to get that injury was disappointing, but I’ve been back for a couple of weeks now, been working hard in training to get myself back in the team.

‘When I was injured it was tough. It was during lockdown as well, where you can’t do much, so I was stuck in the house watching a lot of football, coming into the training ground doing my work. But then I started getting out of the crutches, started seeing positive steps. I was doing a lot more in the gym and getting to go outside and do a bit of jogging and passing the ball. So as soon as I went back on the pitch I was fine, my head was fine mentally.