Abraham: It takes time to build bonds with new signings

Much of that journey was spent in our Academy but it is his time on loans at Bristol City, Swansea City and Aston Villa that have taught him most about adapting to the men’s game.

‘I dreamt about it as a little boy and I still feel like I’m dreaming today,’ he said. ‘I’ve been at the club since the age of seven so you can imagine how much I’ve always wanted to make it to the top level. I still have to pinch myself now and then when I realise where I am today.

‘I think you need the experience of going out on loan as a young kid, playing men’s football at the top level. I was getting kicked and scratched in games and you have to learn that ugly side of football as well. It really prepared me to know what I had to come back and do.

‘I had to learn to use my body more because you don’t need it as much as a kid growing up. I learnt about being in the right positions, had to work on my finishing of course, and just try to understand my team-mates more. That’s the main thing I’ve learnt over the years.’