Lampard on rebuilding confidence

‘So I’m not surprised to see some moments like that in games, in training, and of course then those players need a lift. That’s my job, that’s the staff’s job, that’s their job, because there’s only one way out of a dip in confidence and that’s to work hard.

‘I don’t know any other way out of a lack of confidence than to sprint your way out of it and fight your way out of it. You shouldn’t be in this game unless you understand those moments come and the players know that. I’ve been very clear with them on that and that’s where our challenge is.’

‘It’s normal at a difficult time. Football relies so much on confidence, individually and collectively, and the easy times are when confidence is flowing – 16 games unbeaten coming out of Leeds, everyone is happy, moving the ball well, pressure doesn’t affect them on the pitch. It doesn’t take long sometimes for that to change, that’s top-level football.