Gilmour’s pitch perfect awareness honed through practise and watching Fabregas

Developed by the Chelsea FC Academy and launched back in August, Perfect Play has become the most downloaded football training app worldwide. It provides access to professional standard, world-class coaching for all, a grounding Gilmour himself has benefited from in person after arriving at Cobham at the age of 16.

‘The game gets quicker and more tactical in the Premier League so you always need to know where you are on the pitch,’ explains the teenager. 

‘It’s then about not taking too many chances, making sure you do things full of confidence, receive the ball with both feet and just trust your own ability.’

Few players have mastered the art of confident, clinical ball-playing in a Chelsea shirt over the years than Cesc Fabregas. The Spaniard was an artist with the sphere at his feet, making things look easy, but that perception of calmness personified was developed through years of experience in game understanding.