Azpilicueta: We have to keep winning

‘We have to be very demanding of ourselves and obviously that’s the work that we do day-by-day in Cobham, and we have to take it into the games. For the confidence it’s obviously much better to get the three points so we’ll keep practicing and keep working. Hopefully that will bring us the momentum.

‘We still have a lot of room to improve, we know that. We are Chelsea, we always want more. We have been in a difficult moment, getting bad results, not keeping clean sheets in matches as much as would like and we were not solid, we were not scoring goals. We have to restart and defend together better, move the ball better, create spaces for each other and against Fulham we saw a little improvement.

‘But we know that they are just three points, we are far from where we want to be. We have to keep winning. So now we have to recover well. In three days we have another massive test against Leicester and we have to be ready for it because it’s going to be a tough one again.’