Lampard: We have to show passion, desire and togetherness

Lampard spent 13 years as a player at Stamford Bridge and knows from his time in the dressing room how representing the club can bring its pressures as well as rewards. However, he emphasised that the good times could outweigh the bad as long as there was a hunger to work through the issues.

‘When I was a player here, I always looked at managers and considered what good times and tough times looked like for them, and how that responsibility is different to a player,’ he added.

‘Fortunately, in the 18 months I’ve been here, I have managed to get both levels. I’ve had some really good individual games, like the last game of last season to qualify for the Champions League.

‘I have thought about the tough times and it’s fine. You have to go into the job wanting to handle pressure, wanting to handle success in the right way, being humble about it at all times. That is what I do.

‘Talk can be nonsense. It’s only actions that matter and all I can control is what’s in front of me.’