Lampard pleased with improved form and increasing options

The main focus was obviously on booking our place in the fifth round with a victory at Stamford Bridge, but Lampard was also looking for a step up in form from both the team and individuals after recent games.

Following the 3-1 victory over Luton, our head coach was of the opinion that he got both of those things, and highlighted the third of our goals as an example of what his team did right in this FA Cup tie, even if he was disappointed that his players let the Hatters pull one back to make it 2-1 in the second half.

‘It was important to go through,’ he said. ‘Clearly it’s a competition we’ve had success with in the modern era and expectations were that we’d go through in this tie but in practice that’s not as simple as it sounds. Luton are a good Championship team, a competitive team with a good coach.

‘So we had to get our game right and we did. We got it right in pretty much every sense other than two sloppy moments, one for their goal, one to give them a chance, but other than that everything was nailed on.

‘It was a general team moment of complacency at how comfortable we were at 2-0, which is not good enough. We got back from that quickly, we dominated the game, all that made it was slightly nervous that we didn’t have the two-goal lead that makes it very comfortable. Once we got that back again, which we should have got a lot earlier, then the game was comfortable.

‘Our third was a team goal and Callum did very well with the assist for Tammy and Billy also joined in to play the one-two with Callum. So it was very good, lovely to see goals like that.

‘There was a lot of play like that for us today. A lot of play which was good, through the lines, midfielders joining in, wingers coming off the line. We had a lot of threats in our game and I’m pleased. It was very positive in that sense so the players need to carry on with that kind of attitude and that kind of level of performance.’