Big brains abound according to Jorginho in this weekend’s matchday programme

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There is an exclusive interview with midfield general Jorginho, who was in talkative mood as he is asked about his partners in what Thomas Tuchel calls our ‘double six’ in the middle of the pitch.
‘The coach wants us having control of the game, playing from behind, even when the pressure comes,’ he told said.
‘So, for me, it’s a good way to play football that I like and enjoy, and I think it’s better for my characteristics than playing long balls, and second balls.

‘When it’s Kova, his style is to play short, to come, so I know if he wants to play one-two or when he wants some space to move forward and to dribble. So, I just try to help him, either give him the space, or come over to help him and give him an option – whatever he needs to get out of the situation.

‘With Kante, it’s kind of the same. When you play with your mates, you need to understand each other, and understand their characteristics as well. So, I know that Kante has big power, so I tell him when he can turn. With Kante, it’s more about talking: “Turn!” “Man on!” or talking so he knows I’m there for the short pass. So, I just try to give him an option to do a one-two and get out.’