Havertz: Things are going well right now

Adapting to a new country is challenging enough without the current restrictions imposed on much of Europe due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some form of lockdown has been in place for most of Havertz’s time in England but he views this period with perspective and excitement for what the future holds.

‘It has been difficult to change everything,’ he continued. ‘It’s hard for me but I’m seven months here and getting used to the place now.

‘I haven’t seen much of the country or the city of London. Every day I just go to training and then come back and spend the rest of the day at home.

‘It’s not easy but people have more problems than me. I do what I love – I play football and that’s my job right now. Hopefully there will be a big change soon and then I hope the experience in England will be much better with fans and everything.’

Germany are back in action on Wednesday with a World Cup qualifier against North Macedonia.